New Jersey Home Inspection

Buying Your Home May Be the Single
Largest Purchase You Will Ever Make

. . .and probably your largest investment of money, time, and memories.

This is both an exciting and anxious time. You are emotional about moving in and getting on with life in your new “dream” home, yet you have some areas of concern and a mental list of some things you think should get some attention. You love the new home, but you want to make sure you are making a sound investment, and you don’t want any unexpected problems to pop up later. Naturally you’ll want to get your home inspected by a Professional Independent Home Inspector.

Let us be your guide

No Home is perfect, and even new homes are not immune to issues. They can have problems with the roofing system, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or the electrical system, just to name a few things. And much older homes can have additional issues.

Let us be your guide. When we do the inspection, we will encourage you to walk through the home with us and address any concerns you have regarding its condition or maintenance. As an Independent Home Inspector we are highly trained to evaluate the home’s major systems both interior and exterior, using the proper equipment and the newest techniques.

This is your opportunity to ask questions, get expert answers, and be assured you are making a good investment based on being fully informed about the current condition of the property. As a home buyer, you need and deserve to know all the facts, and we will work for you and with your interests in mind.

David Haigh Home Inspector NJ

What your home inspection includes:

david-haigh-nj-home-inspectorAfter looking over the property and addressing your concerns, we will provide a comprehensive, same day computer generated report identifying ALL areas of note and items that may need attention.

Our inspection report will empower you to ask the seller to make repairs, if necessary. Mainly though, it’s your best tool to protect against ending up with a home that requires you paying for repairs that you didn’t expect.

Imagine buying a home only to find out several months later that wood has begun to rot where plumbing pipes are leaking, or unhealthy “black mold” is making your family sick, or maybe there are problems with the electrical wiring costing thousand of dollars to repair.

Your inspection report will “clue you in” on these potential problems. You will be completely confident about the true condition of the home you’re buying. For just a relatively small cost, our professional inspection will give you the “peace of mind” of getting problems identified and taken care of before they’re an unpleasant surprise.

Why us? Because Garden State Home Inspectors over delivers!
And we’ll prove it to you too.

Just because we have the proper equipment, the ASHI certification, excellent insurance, and more training than the most other home inspectors — those things don’t necessarily give us the right to brag that we’re the best in town!

Sometimes it’s just because we do the things routinely that most average home inspectors don’t do; like crawling through nasty crawlspaces, inspecting the “nooks and crannies” of a 150 degree attic — or maybe it’s our “take you by the hand” attitude that sets us apart. We do all of this because you are our client and you must have the most information available to you to make a proper investment decision. We want you to make a good decision. Period.

Don’t fall for the lowest priced “Bottom Feeders”.

Please, please do not fall for the lowest-priced home inspectors. Believe me, there’s a reason they’re not able to charge higher prices. Just imagine if you saved a few bucks on your inspection only to find out later that you have an unexpected “mold infestation cleanup” coming . . . or let’s say the corner truss in your hip roof is rotted, and now you’re paying out thousands of dollars to get it repaired because the cheaper home inspector wasn’t thorough enough or wasn’t insured properly.

This is truly a “get what you paid for” type of business where mistakes can be very costly. Yet, you’ll be very surprised at our modest pricing — I promise.

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